Pride, Di Luar

Raikan Pride bersama keluarga pilihan anda pada musim panas ini, di destinasi terpencil di mana semua orang berasa dialu-alukan.
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Villa Vista Azul
6 tetamu3 bilik tidur4 katil2.5 bilik air
Harga:$ 205 / malam
Yurt dalam Swanton
Heated Glamping Forest Yurt
2 tetamu1 bilik tidur1 katil1 tempat mandi
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Bangsal dalam Borgonuovo
Barn in the organic vineyard
2 tetamu1 bilik tidur1 katil1 tempat mandi
Harga:$ 154 / malam
Pondok dalam Tulum
Jungle cabin in town1 / WiFi/ AC/Bikes (1 of 5)
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Harga:$ 65 / malam
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Log Cabin in the Endless Mountains
8 tetamu2 bilik tidur6 katil3 bilik mandi
Harga:$ 329 / malam
Rumah kecil dalam Rösrath
Tiny House, 20 min to Cologne+fair+Airport CGN
2 tetamu1 bilik tidur1 katil1 tempat mandi
Harga:$ 59 / malam
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Luxurious Getaway! (Views and Hot Tub!)
7 tetamu2 bilik tidur2 katil2 bilik mandi
Harga:$ 261 / malam
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Hill Country Hammock House
2 tetamu1 bilik tidur1 katil1 tempat mandi
Harga:$ 351 / malam
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Una masía del s.XVIII en el Penedès
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Get Outside with Pattie Gonia & Friends
Perkara yang kami akan lakukan:
Come join me, Pattie Gonia and my fellow drag queen friends out on the trail for an evening of queer nature education, conversation, and community. This event will be an outdoor safe space for queer people and allies. Not only will I be joining in person but you’ll get to meet and learn from Pinar & So, the founders of Queer Nature, as well as Oregon drag superstars D'Auntie Carol, Caressa Banana, & Calypsa. The evening will kick off with the group getting to know each other followed by a group hike on a nature trail, winding along the Deschutes River and with some education on queer nature tracking and ending with a live performance by the queens themselves. This event is accessible to any queer people, no matter their education or skill set in the outdoors. The hike will be no longer than two to three miles total but will unfortunately not be accessible to anyone whose physical needs require a paved trail. We want participants to leave with new friends, new knowledge, and a giant helping of queer community. So grab a wig, grab your hiking boots (or heels!) and join us for this incredible evening.
4 jamHingga 8 orang
Dari Harga:$25 / orang
Lawatan ke ladang anggur
Discover Valpolicella
Perkara yang kami akan lakukan:
We'll start with a unforgettable walk in the vineyard, telling the family history of our winery and estate. We'll see the old traditional drying room where the grapes are air dried using Appassimento, a technique for which Amarone is known around the world, followed by a visit to the authentical ancien cellar for vinification and refinement. I explain you how we make our Great Red Wines. The experience finishes with a tasting togheter of a selection of our three fine wines, learning the evaluation by sight, smell, and taste. We'll enjoy the wine with bread and our organic oil, local cheese called Monte Veronese, fresh and aged and local cured meats of Valpolicella, Soppressa. You could enjoy our "Panorama Therapy" on our marvellous terrace on the best view of Valpolicella Classica. Other things to note Bring your camera and comfortable shoes. Car trasfert is subject to availability. I can assist You in arranging public transport from Verona center and Verona Porta Nuova train station to winery. You can get to the Winery by pubblic transport- no changes, only one bus line- from Verona center.
2.5 jamHingga 10 orang
Dari Harga:$74 / orang
Kelas yoga
Floating Yoga and Meditation in Paradise
Perkara yang kami akan lakukan:
You will arrive at one of our gorgeous spring fed lakes in South Orlando. We are located near the attractions and the airport. Our local lakes are some of the cleanest in America. They are home to bald eagles, owls and other lake birds as well as otters, fish and turtles. This has always been my favorite environment for yoga and meditation. It is the place where I feel the most connected to nature and to myself. It is my honor to share this space with guests. We will paddle a short distance to warm up. Then we'll settle into our beautiful water environment and anchor near shore. It is not necessary to know how to paddle already. We love beginners. After a gentle yoga practice, you will be led through a guided meditation with specially chosen music for your experience. After the guided meditation, you will be invited to stay immersed in your meditation for a few minutes under the watchful eye of your instructor. You will not be in the water. Wear comfortable clothing. I will send additional information on our meeting location. We choose locations based on weather and wind conditions as well as the size of the group.
90 minitHingga 10 orang
Dari Harga:$47 / orang
Pertemuan haiwan
Horse Whispering with an Equine Therapist
Perkara yang kami akan lakukan:
This activity is every animal lover's dream and a very unexpected experience. You will have a memorable horse experience with your beloved ones or on your own. Upon arrival at the stables, I will introduce you to our horses and show you how to approach them with respect and trust. Then, you’ll go to the arena and I will give you tips to develop a collaborative relationship with the horse we are connecting with. Horses may have met many participants ; it is always delightful to observe how different they can be with each of you. When you feel secured and confident, I will guide you to make your horse move and dance with you. You will be able to make the horse do a circle at different speeds in total liberty. I will take some pictures of you to have a souvenir :-) By the end of the experience, you will have discovered natural horsemanship, learnt about animal communication and experienced the horse mirror effect. I devote myself to create a meaningful experience according to your tastes, your mood of the day and your experience with horses that will have nothing to do with touristy activities. Trust me! If it is possible and legal for me to give you a lift, count on me too Other things to note Participants are not riding horses. The experience consists of ground work activities. Advanced riders or nature lovers without horse riding experience, you will enjoy this unique experience.
2 jamHingga 8 orang
Dari Harga:$94 / orang
Sesi belajar meluncur
Private surf lessons with a true local
Perkara yang kami akan lakukan:
Ask for our specials! Check out photos and videos @exploresayulita First, we go over the basics on the beach. I will teach you the best techniques and practice. When you're ready, we paddle out and I stay with you and instruct you every step of the way. Whether the lesson is one-on-one or with a group of your friends and family, I will make sure everyone catches some waves. The whole point is to have fun! Session photography upon request Other things to note Please wear lots of sunscreen! Don't have a heavy meal before surfing. Have a light snack such as fruit. Drink lots of water during the day, a hydrated body makes the world of a difference.
90 minitHingga 6 orang
Dari Harga:$81 / orang
Penjagaan haiwan
Playtime With Fainting Goats
Perkara yang kami akan lakukan:
Located in Benton, Pennsylvania Guests arrive at the main barn at Barakah Heritage Farm (and may be greeted by our livestock dog Runa). After a brief orientation for the bathroom (outhouse), sign a release and answer initial questions, the guests will be introduced to the herd in their pen or pasture. The barn pen is used during bad weather, the pasture during warm dry weather. Guests cannot enter the pen for health and safety reasons, but can pet adults and hold as many babies as desired. In the pasture, guests may enter the pasture to pet goats and hold babies. Carrie will give the breed history, as well as talk about shows, production goats, and heritage preservation, the 3 branches of Fainting Goat breeding. Finally, Carrie will talk about Barakah Farm's unique approach to goat care, practiced on only a handful of Fainting Goat farms and described in her book The Energetic Goat. When there are babies, goat cuddling is encouraged! Finally, Carrie will answer any last questions at the goat pen. We hope you leave with a greater appreciation of rare breed preservation, the role of goats in a healthy farm, and the unique and loving personalities of these conscious beings. Don't see your preferred time? Ask us! No pets - advance notice of service animals please. By entering the farm, under Pennsylvania State Law you assume all the risk of equine activity.
60 minitHingga 10 orang
Dari Harga:$14 / orang