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Parking space for an RV / tiny house up to 8' x 30' in area in the back yard of of a house. Near the intersection of Bell Street and Lincoln Street, the house is biking distance to Stanford, F4ceb00k, Am4z0n, and G00gl4. Water hookups, electricity (15, 30, 50 amp), sewage drain, and laundry facilities available on site. Three month minimum required with month to month rental after that.

[Note, picture is for reference purposes--you must bring your own RV/tiny house.]

Please read the entire post (including FAQ) before replying. Thank you!


Q: How is pricing determined? For example, I have a 30 foot rig--what will I pay per month?
A: The base price $900 for the first 20 ft, then $45/ft for every foot above that. So a 20 ft van would cost $900. A 30 ft RV would cost 900 + (10*45) = 900 + 450 = 1350. If you have pets then they would cost an additional amount (see below).

Q: Does rental include access to the bathrooms in the main house?
A: Yes, access to the bathrooms in the main house is included.

Q: Does rental include access to the kitchen/living room in the main house?
A: No.

Q: Does the rental include hot water?
A: No, the water hookup includes cold water only.

Q: Does the rental include sewage?
A: There is a sewage cleanout into which you may dump sewage.

Q: Does the rental include electricity?
A: Yes. We have two 15 amp, one 30 amp, and one 50 amp connection.

Q: Can I live in my tiny house?
A: Yes, this space is intended for people who want to live in their tiny house/RV.

Q: How much crime is there in East Palo Alto?
A: East Palo Alto's crime rate is about average for a city in California. Neither I nor any of our previous guests (400+) have experienced any criminal incidents in the last four years. * knock on wood *

Q: I have a pet (dog, cat, etc). Do you rent to people with pets?
A: Yes. No pet are allowed in the main house, but you can have a pet in the RV, provided that it doesn't bark / is leashed when outside the RV. You must also provide a pet deposit ($200/pet) which will be returned if your .

Q: Do you have a fenced in back yard where I can leave my pet during the day?
A: No, we don't currently have a fenced in back yard.

Q: Is it biking distance to Stanford/Facebook/Google?
A: Yes, several of our guest regularly commute by bike to those locations.

Q: Is public transit available?
A: The SamTrans 281 bus line stops at Bell Street and University Ave, which is about 5 minute walk from the house. It stops at the Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto Caltrain station / transit center, and Stanford Hospital.

Q: Do you rent to tobacco smokers? Cannabis consumers?
A: Yes to both. Note, no smoking of any kind is allowed in the main house.

Q: Does this include access to the washer/dryer?
A: Yes, access to the washer/dryer is included.

Q: Do you have off-street parking?
A: Yes, we have off street parking, on a first come first served basis. This rental includes parking for one car in addition to your RV. Parking for more than one car may be available depending on how many guests we have, but it's not guaranteed.

Q: I have a child. Do you rent to people with children?
A: We do, though the space is not especially child friendly.

Q: I like to play loud music. Is that allowed?
A. No loud music / noises please.

Q: Can I work on my car / tiny house?
A: Yes, to some extent. The rule of thumb is that if the work can be done within a single day, all tools / construction materials / debris are cleaned up at the end of the day, and you don't make noise/smells that bother other guests, then it is fine. In addition, you _must_ dispose of all trash you generate. Extra trash costs $50/bag, and items that don't fit into a bag will cost even more.

Q: Will there be other people renting space nearby?
A: Yes, we may rent to other tiny house dwellers on the same property.

Q: How long can I stay?
A: The space will be available until at least June 2022.

Q: How many people can live with me? Can I sublease?
A: The space is intended for a single person or a couple. Subleasing may be possible with prior written approval.

Q: What's your COVID policy?
A: Tenants are expected to wash their hand's thoroughly when returning home from work / shopping / outings, and to wear a mask when in public places. Limited guests are allowed (SO's, close friends). Given the number of people sharing this residence, it's probably _not_ a good fit if you're especially concerned about COVID-19.

Q: How many people live in the main house?
A: The main house has seven bedrooms and five baths. Anywhere from 7 - 14 people may live in the main house.

Q: Can I have overnight guests?
A: The rental fee includes up to two people. Beyond that, you will need to get permission (and pay an additional fee) if you want to host additional guests. You must let the Community Manager know the names of guests so that they know to expect them.

Q: I'm interested. What are next steps?
A: Please respond to the queries below. If it looks like a good fit, we'll send a link to the Airbnb listing, through which we'll rent during the first month. If all goes well during the first month, we'll switch to a month to month lease.

1. When would you like to start?
2. How long do you intend to stay?
3. Pictures / dimensions of your RV / tiny house.
4. If you'd like to bring pet(s), please include a few pictures of your pet.
5. [Optional] A brief blurb about yourself, such as your profession, hobbies, foods you like, etc.
6. Date / time you can come by to look at the place.

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Lokasi anda

East Palo Alto, California, Amerika Syarikat

East Palo Alto is a working class neighborhood, 60% non-white Hispanic, 15% African American. You'll hear roosters crowing in the morning, mariachi music playing at all hours on the weekend, and see closely parked cars on the streets. Female guests report that they feel safe walking around during the day, and early evening, but get nervous when out late at night.

Oakwood Market is a 10 minute walk from the house. It's a small bodega that carries basic staple groceries, plus a nice meat department. The Ravenswood Shopping Center is a 20 minute walk, where you can find Cardenas (Mexican grocery), Target, Home Depot, and several fast food restaurants. A lot of guests also shop at the Trader Joes or Whole Food near the Stanford campus.

Close to Sandhill Road and many tech companies, including some who Airbnb won't let us name, for some reason, such "Rhymes with Oogle", "Rhymes with Acebook", Y Combinator, 500 startups, NASA, and Palantir.

Other nearby destinations include the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve (with an estuary full of migratory birds and trails for walking, jogging, or biking), Palo Alto golf course, and the Stanford University campus.

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