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✝️ See cliff notes section of “The Space” below PRIOR to booking!
The 15x15 studio has a full kitchen, and attached full bathroom.
It has a flexible sleeping set-up with 2 twin xl beds, or 1 split king setup.
We also have a $20/night rollaway for a third guest if requested at booking.
On our working farm, with various animals on-site, next to a major highway, The LQ is loaded with amenities for both hunters and travelers.
Free parking, room for trailers

Let’s start with the cliff notes version of important stuff-major house rules and important information. This is not a complete list of house rules, but does hit on the major ones. (Please note: We do have video cameras that monitor our property for our safety and that of our guests. There are two on the building the LQ is housed in, that monitor our driveways. There is one on the building to the north, monitoring the entrance of our shop and our grainery. There is one on the SW corner of our house that monitors the driveway. There is one on our deck that monitors my front yard, and one that monitors my front door. There is one under the carport that monitors our storage area. The only ones potentially triggered to record by guest activity are on the shop and under the carport.

We are located right off of highway 83, and are 35 minutes from 1-70 in one direction, and about 45 minutes from 1-70 in another direction.

House Rules And Guideline Summary
1. No smoking, vaping, illicit drug use/manufacture inside unit. Dispose of any butts properly. A container is provided outside.

2. No parties.

3. Only the persons listed on the booking allowed, unless approved by the host.

4. Although we don’t charge an animal fee, ALL animals need pre-approval, and guest must adhere to animal guidelines, which can be found towards the bottom of the description.

5. No entering any other part of the shop/barn or any other buildings, or opening any gates, or entering the pasture or any pens without permission.

6. Food, snacks, beverages and amenities are for on-site consumption/use, not to pack and take with you at the end of your stay

7. Nothing but toilet paper and human waste is to be flushed. Flush often, if necessary, so that you don’t plug the toilet.

8. Turn towel warmer off after every use

9. If something from “nature” pays you a visit, and it distresses you, notify us immediately, so we can come evict it.

10. Stay to the west of the drive if you do any exploring. Our dog’s electronic fence does not reach that area.

11. DO NOT USE GPS TO GET HERE! You won’t find us. Tell me what direction you will be traveling from, so I can send correct directions and a pin to the property.

12. Ask first if you desire to use the fire pit. We are often in a burn ban because it has been so dry. Fire pit cannot be left unattended for any reason. Use the provided bucket of water to extinguish the fire when you are done enjoying it.

13. If something is broken or not working properly, let me know ASAP, so I can remedy it for you. Let us know immediately if anything within our control is preventing you from having a 5-star stay, so we can address it promptly.

14. DO NOT attach any devices to the wall mounted tv. Do not climb in the counters to do so, do not detach host-provided devices. (If you care to hook up a gaming system or other device, a separate tv will be provided. Just ask)

15. Do not set the air conditioner lower than 68, to avoid causing the air conditioner to freeze up, resulting in no air conditioning until our very busy and in high demand HVAC man can come out and fix it. Guest would be responsible for paying for any repairs due to their negligence.

16. No RV’s, Campers, Motor homes, etc., without prior knowledge and approval of host. Electric vehicle charging available upon request.

17. There are no guest laundry facilities.

18. Late checkout fee is $50, which would extend your checkout to 2:00pm.

19. When in doubt, read the house manual, and/or ask host.

1. Maximum of two animals
2. Must be up to date on rabies vaccine
3. Must have a quality flea control program in use
4. Must be on a leash at all times when in our yard
5. Must be kenneled when left alone inside the LQ for any reason
6. Solid waste must be picked up and disposed of properly-there are poo bags and a trash can outside for this purpose.
7. Guest agrees to pay for any damages caused by their animal(s).
8. Animals are not allowed on the furniture.

This is a working farm. With animals and animal smells. There are outdoor cats that roam around in search of mice and bugs, and some of them can be annoyingly friendly. We have chickens and cockerels. Cockerels that crow not only in the morning, but also as a warning to their ladies when they sense any danger. Our dog will bark at you, he alerts us to what he thinks is “stranger danger.” Our cows sometimes moo. Nature, in the form of bugs and mice, sometimes makes it inside the listing, although we spray regularly for bugs, and have farm cats to help control the mice. There are occasionally snakes, turtles, fox, coyotes, rabbits, deer, and various species of birds that visit our yard. We live along the busiest truck traffic highway in the nation, and there is a train track that parallels the highway. Noise from both can potentially be heard.
If you (or anyone traveling with you) have a severe allergy to cats or dogs, cows, chickens, or any other critters, wild or domestic, dust, corn, wheat, or other farm crops, this may not be the place for you. We are in the middle of farm country, and the wind blows on practically every day that ends in “y,” so dust may also sneak in, and tumbleweeds, corn husks, parts of neighbors buildings may blow across the yard.
We are conservative Christians, but we are accepting of everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. All are welcome, we won’t judge or preach to you. We will pray for you to have a safe journey,’s the mom in me, just can’t help it. Lol.

For same day booking, check-in time may be later than the time posted, due to cleaning and personal schedule.

The 15’x15’ studio is set up for two people, with two xl twin beds, although we have an additional roll away bed available for those groups who don’t mind the “Sardine” kind of cozy. If you ask in advance, we are happy to set the two twins up as a split king. I set the space up differently depending on what my guest needs may be.

I do line dry the bedding when possible, both for the environmental impact and because crawling into bed in line dried sheets is one of the best things in the world, in my opinion.

Speaking of sheets...I use colored sheets most of the time, because I think they are less “industrial” looking than white. Same with towels. However, sometimes guests use face products that may cause some slight discoloration, and unfortunately, at the price we charge, I cannot replace sheets and towels after every guest. So, there may be a few bleached out spots, but I pledge to you that the sheets and towels are clean and sanitized between guests with the “antibacterial” cycle on my dryer.
I DO NOT IRON THE SHEETS! There will be wrinkles. I don’t have the facilities to have the ability to iron them without them being exposed to the floor.

Guests must immediately alert host to any issues regarding maintenance, request for repair service, or otherwise. Host will not compensate or refund for any issues not reported within 3 hours. Guest must also allow host and/or repairman access to the property to remedy the issue after host has been notified. If the guest stays after the issue is remedied or addressed, there will be no further remuneration or refund. If the guest is unresponsive, the host will assume that the issue is remedied, and there will be no further action required.

If you send a request or an inquiry, also comment “I agree” so I know you read through the major rules and important information. Also mention how you want the beds set up, if you are bringing an animal, and what direction you will be coming in from so that I can provide correct directions.

Please inquire about longer than 7 day stays for special pricing.

ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING OF ANY SUBSTANCE OR VAPING ALLOWED INSIDE. NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ALLOWED INSIDE, including, but not limited to marijuana. You can have it outside. You can smoke it outside. But not one leaf or bud or pill of anything illegal is allowed inside the property.

We ask that you contain your exploring to the west of the driveway you drove in on. Do not enter any buildings or open any gates. Our water source is a well, and it has quite a bit of mineral in it, so guests should use filtered water (pitcher in the fridge) to make ice, coffee and other beverages.

The WiFi name is LQStudio, and the password is “farmstay.”

We do allow animals, so we will have “dog” towels available as well-please use these if you need to wipe your dog down or to clean up a spill on the floor.

There is a small first aid kit above the kitchen sink. If you require more than basic first aid, please call 9-1-1 and then reach out to me, I am a former AEMT.

Guests can do the dishes, but it’s not necessary, I don’t mind washing and putting them away.

Guests do not need to strip the beds.

Please hang up any towels, etc., that you have used on the hooks or over the shower curtain rod.

No parties.

ANIMALS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE BEDS. We do have pet food and water dishes, and several sized of animal beds and floor mats available upon request.
Dogs must be walked outside to do their business, solid waste must be cleaned up by the guest, and if you are traveling with a pet that uses a litter box, you must provide that for them.

We ask that you turn the thermostat up to 77 upon your departure during the summer, and down to 55 during the winter.

Nothing but organic matter is to be flushed down the toilet. Dispose of feminine products, wipes, diapers, etc. in the trash can. There are black baggies in a dispenser on the toilet paper holder for discrete disposal of such items.

Do not plug up the toilet by attempting to flush too much toilet paper at once. Flush often, if necessary. Water is cheaper (and easier to come by) than a plumber. (And there is no other bathroom available to the guest).

I do use a UV sanitizing system and an air purification system between guests, to eliminate virus, bacteria, and allergens. However, we do allow animals, and it is a hobby farm with animals, so, again, if you have severe allergies, this may not be the place for you to stay.
We live among nature, and sometimes nature enters the property. We will gladly come up and evict any bug, mouse, spider, fish, tiger, or any other non-paying guest.

We do have external video and motion monitors protecting our property since we do live along a very busy highway. Any tampering or interference with any of the external monitoring devices is prohibited. Doing so will result in your reservation ending immediately, and you will be asked to leave. No refunds will be given.

We ask that you let us know immediately of any issues or problems, so that we can correct them promptly, so that the remainder of your stay is pleasant and worthy of 5 stars.

Again, please state “I agree” in a message, and also specify how you want the beds set up, and if you are traveling with animals.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us.


Ask us about processing your harvest yourself-we are able to accommodate you, and have a gambrel rack for large game, and potentially some freezer space for you to freeze the meat down before heading home. We also have a place to dress birds and other game, and a vacuum sealer for use with your own supplies-all in the comfort of a heated/air conditioned work space.

If you send an request or inquiry, also comment “I agree” so I know you read through the major rules and important information. Also mention how you want the beds set up, if you are bringing an animal, and what direction you will be coming in from so that I can provide correct directions.

Please inquire about longer than 7 day stays for special pricing.

ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING OF ANY SUBSTANCE OR VAPING ALLOWED INSIDE. NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ALLWED INSIDE, including, but not limited to marijuana. You can have it outside. You can smoke it outside. But not one leaf or bud or pill of anything illegal is allowed inside the property.

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Selden, Kansas, Amerika Syarikat

Selden is an amazing town, on one of the busiest highways in the nation, with more amenities than many towns ten times its size.
We are becoming well-known for our spectacular fireworks show, coordinated and executed by NASA engineers and rocket scientists, who have developed ignition systems specifically for this show. Selden boasts the best lumber yard around, and we are home to Renee Spresser of Paul’s Furniture Company, who has received national acclaim as both a woman in business, and as a small business, I believe. Jacque at Karl’s Cash Store can fix you up on groceries, and Gloria at Midway Cafe makes THE BEST chicken fried steak. Depending on members schedules, The American Legion is open in the evenings.
I have placed a menu from Midway Cafe the LQ.
We have a body shop, a tire shop, a gym, a library, and many more businesses as well.
There is a Catholic Church, and mass is at 6:00pm on Saturdays. There is a Methodist church, and it has services at 9:30 of Sunday morning. If you are interested in another place of worship, there are several within a 15-20 minute drive.
The Monument Rocks, and Kansas’ newest state park, Little Jerusalem are both around an hour away, and worth seeing if you have time to visit them.
The Last Indian Raid Museum is located in Oberlin, a 20 minute drive away.
A WWII Army Air Base is located a short distance North of McCook, NE. If you desire a tour, prior arrangements must be made. Contact the McCook NE Historical Association for more information. A book was released in 2020, based on the true story about the last lynching in Kansas, and it follows several families who were local to the area.

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We live on the property, within walking distance of the LQ. My phone number is listed in the guest manual, located in the LQ. We would be happy to sit around a fire with you if we aren’t busy doing something else, and tell our own tall tales while listening to yours.
But if you prefer your privacy, we certainly will respect that. During the winter months, you may hear us in the mornings as we walk through the shop to feed the livestock.
We live on the property, within walking distance of the LQ. My phone number is listed in the guest manual, located in the LQ. We would be happy to sit around a fire with you if w…

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