ITADAKI DAISEN, a luxury penthouse-style apartment

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ITADAKI DAISEN was established as a luxurious place where visitors too can enjoy and indulge in the bounty of the Mt. Daisen. ITADAKI is a luxury penthouse-style apartment ideally situated to nourish the body and soul.

Mt. Daisen is blessed with immense richness. As a sacred mountain at the very heart of Japanese spiritual belief, its majestic beech forests have been offered a level of protection rarely seen across the nation. These natural filters of air and water provide the mountain slopes and nearby fisheries with an abundance of nutrients, resulting in the finest quality of ingredients and products. Produce of Daisen, ranging from fresh meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and more are known as the most luxuriant of goods, the best of the best. The sacred mountain provides the surrounding area with everything it needs for the finest, richest of life.

ITADAKI DAISEN was established as a luxurious place where visitors too can enjoy and indulge in the bounty of the mountain. ITADAKI is a luxury penthouse-style apartment ideally situated to nourish the body and soul. The views from its balcony will take your breath away as you gaze down upon the Bay of Miho and the verdant mountain slopes below. On clear days, you can see all the way across to the
historic Oki Islands, so remote that they once served as a place of exile for cloistered Emperors.

Within walking distance, guests at ITADAKI DAISEN can dine in local eateries which serve dishes made from the finest local ingredients in traditional settings. Hot springs loved by locals and visitors alike can be enjoyed as the stresses of everyday life seep away into the healing waters. The Daisen-ji temple complex, including a magnificent shrine set in a forest, provides opportunity for visitors to thank the Gods as the locals do or pray for future happiness. Enjoy a luxurious stay at ITADAKI DAISEN and invigorate your body and soul.

ITADAKI DAISEN offers the ultimate in privacy and safety with only one group staying per floor of the hotel at any one time. Furthermore, our staff are always available if you need them but will not come to your room unless invited to do so. You can also be assured that hygiene and safety is our top priority and every surface is sterilized before and after each guest.

Check-in: 16:00 – 19:00
Check out: 10:00
We recommend that you check in before the sun sets so that you can fully enjoy the spectacular view from your balcony. The sun sets directly behind the Mihonoseki Peninsula across the Bay of Miho and the sky is often filled with deep reds and purples.
*An early check-in/late check-out option is available (2,000yen/1h, advance reservation required).

View: Ocean view: Enjoy a stunning view of the Bay of Miho and the Sea of Japan from a private and spacious balcony. On clear days, the Shimane peninsula is visible and it is even possible to see all the way across to the Oki Islands.

Exclusive area 70㎡
Capacity 2-3 adults

*The apartment is ideally sized for 2 adults (13 years and over). However additional beds can be added if necessary to sleep a total of 4 adults.
*Up to 2 children (12 years old and under) sharing a double bed with their legal guardians can stay free of charge. For a third child, an extra charge of 5,000 yen will be applied and an extra bed will be provided. Children will be charged for dining options.
Bed:2 double beds (Simmons) are provided for a total of 2 adults. Additional single beds can be added for a further 2 adults on booking.

Kitchen utensils: Induction hob stove (3 burners), microwave oven, toaster (Balmuda), refrigerator, rice cooker, electronic kettle, cutlery (fork, spoon, teaspoon, chopsticks), plates (Shussai kiln), tea cups, glasses, wine glasses, frying pan, two-sided pans (for shabu-shabu), regular saucepans, clay pot (for nabe), bowls.

Condiments: salt, sugar, soy sauce, pepper, salad oil.
*Please note that seasonings other than those listed above are not provided.

Guest room amenities: Oku-Daisen Natural Water (550ml), drip coffee, and local tea packs.

Bathroom amenities: ・shampoo・conditioner ・body soap
・toothbrush・razor ・ body sponge ・face towel ・bath towel ・hair dryer (Panasonic Nanocare) ・towel warmer ・pajamas

The penthouse apartment comes fully equipped with a modern kitchen for you to prepare food at your leisure. 
Alternatively, you can enjoy a BBQ on the balcony overlooking the magnificent scenery below. We can assist in sourcing the finest local ingredients for you to create the perfect “Daisen Dinner”.
You can also order in a multi dish Japanese style dinner (“kaiseki ryori”) or vegan monks fare (“shojin ryori”). These bento style dinner boxes will be delivered to your room.
Your other option is to dine at one of the nearby ryokans. A shojin ryori course meal, crab hot pot, game meat sukiyaki and more are available.
A prior-reservation is necessary to organize the dinner options.
If you would like to enjoy nice warm local cuisine, please contact us in advance.

Cost for optional plans
・Electronic barbecue stove rental ¥3,000 (tax included)
・Breakfast A (toast using local Daisen flour) ¥1,500(tax included)
・Breakfast B (Shojin cuisine and zazen meditation) ¥3000(tax included)
・Dinner A (grilled Daisen chicken cooked over charcoal, Daisen pork shabushabu, bento box made by a chef, or Sushi) ¥4,000 (tax included)

Daisen Tour Desk, located downstairs of ITADAKI, offers zen meditation at a shukubo (Buddhist temple lodging), snowshoe tours, the starry sky at night tours and many more. Sign up for a tour and enjoy the beauty and power of Daisen National Park.
Some of the tours require advance bookings so please contact us or Daisen Tour Desk for recommendations during your stay.

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Daisen, Saihaku-gun, Tottori, Jepun

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Hi, thank for hosting us. I’m Eisuke Kodani from Japan. I usually travel with my wife, Madoka and my baby, Eita.
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