Cozy apartment (5p) in toplocation near Maastricht

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5 tetamu, 2 bilik tidur, 3 katil, 1 tempat mandi
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Authentic and cozy apartment (55 m2) for 5 persons in picturesque Eijsden, 10 minutes from Maastricht. The ideal base for all the beautiful, entertaining, cultural and active things South Limburg and the Euregio have to offer. Within 10 minutes to half an hour you can reach everything by train or car.
In Eijsden itself everything can be found within walking distance: from restaurants, cafes, picturesque streets, terraces, castles, nature, water fun, to a complete shopping center.

The building dates from around 1900 and has been able to retain many authentic elements, while still enjoying all the contemporary luxury. That gives both atmosphere, cosiness and comfort. Parties and events are not allowed.

This apartment is almost 55 m2 and is located on the second floor of this building. This luxury apartment is suitable for 5 people, has a spacious living room with kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Authentic elements can be found in every room. The bathroom is also very atmospheric. The walls at the rear and front are partly sloping, as this floor is directly under the roof. However, the air conditioning system ensures that it remains very pleasant here even with warm temperatures outside.

Attractive living room (27.7 m2) with large corner sofa, large dining table and TV at the seating area. The TV is a smart TV equipped with Chrome cast, which means that you can use your own smart phone as a remote control to watch what you want through apps on your own smart phone. For example Netflix, Disney, Youtube and of course the streaming service of your own TV provider at home, so that you can watch all the channels that you have at home. Most TV providers nowadays have an app for free watching TV via streaming, which you can then download on your smart phone. We have a strong Wifi. In the living room there is a kitchen with 4-burner ceramic hob, sink, fridge with freezer, dishwasher, oven-microwave-grill-combi, countertop and enough cupboard space above and below.

3-person bedroom (11.3 m2) with a Kingsize (180x200 cm) box spring bed with pocket spring mattress and extra comfort topper of 8 cm, which guarantees the best sleeping comfort. There is also a separate 1-person box spring (90 x 200 cm) in this room with the same mattress and comfort topper, plus 2 clothes racks. This bedroom is located at the front of the property and has 1 window. The bedroom is accessible from the living room.

2-person bedroom (9.4 m2) with a Kingsize box spring bed (180x200 cm) with pocket spring mattress and extra comfort topper of 8 cm, which guarantees the best sleeping comfort. There is also a clothes rack in this room. This bedroom is accessible from the living room and is located at the front of the building.

Beautiful atmospheric bathroom with walk-in shower, toilet and sink. The bathroom is accessible from the living room and is located at the front of the building and has 1 window (stained glass).

Each radiator can be individually controlled. As a result, you only heat the rooms you find necessary for heating so we do not spoil any unnecessary energy. On the first floor there is an air conditioner you can switch on/off and control easily.

We work with a self-checkin system, which is the most flexible for both guests and us. Shortly before your arrival you will be provided with the checkin informatie (such as your access code).

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Eijsden, Limburg, Belanda

Within a 10 minutes walking distance from this property, you can literally find everything you need for a wonderful trip or vacation:
1) Free parking in front of the door
2) Restaurants, cafes and terraces
3) Snacking, delivery and takeaway meals
4) Shopping center
5) Picturesque streets and historic buildings
6) Beautiful views and nature
7) Beautiful cycling and walking routes
8) Swimming facilities, water sports, fitness and activities
9) Burgundian atmosphere and events
10) Perfect base for day trips in South Limburg and the Euregion.
Below these 10 points are further explained and provided with our tips.

In case you travel by car, there are two large parking places in the street of this property where you can park for free and there is always enough parkign space available. One is in front of the door, the other one is roughly 100 meters down the same street. If you arrive by train, you only have to cross the street to reach the property. Because this property is situated across the smallest, most southern and idyllic railway station of the Netherlands, Eijsden station, this property is the ideal base for making day trips to Maastricht and all the other beautiful places and villages of South Limburg and the Belgian and German border regions. See the heading "transport" below for all the practical information.

In Eijsden you will find several cozy restaurants and cafes, all within walking distance of this property. You can find them near the churches, in the shopping center and especially in the old town of Eijsden, with its picturesque streets and fantastic views of the Maas river and the Eijsder Beemden nature reserve. Examples within a10 minutes walking distance of the property, which also have an outside terrace:
- Restaurant-cafe Oan 't Bat (Bat 9)
- Brasserie La Meuse (Diepstraat 44)
- Restaurant Vanille (Diepstraat 1)
- Eetcafe Bei Meijs (Diepstraat 6)
- Heerlijkheid Breust (St. Martinusstraat 5)
- Lunchroom Pater Noster (Koning W.A. street 11)
- Cafe 't Kelderke (Vroenhof 8)
- Cafe Greune Mert (Diepstraat 31)
- Ice cream parlor-lunchroom Angelati (Vroenhof 1)
In addition, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the borders of Dutch and Belgian villages, and of course in Maastricht, Vise and Liège. See also the heading transport with all travel times and connections. A special tip from us is Oan 't Bat (Bat 9): it not only has the most beautiful terrace and view of the Netherlands, but also a good kitchen, friendly staff and you can have a drink, dinner, lunch, high tea and .... even have breakfast with a view on the Maas river.

If you don't feel like cooking or going out for dinner, Eijsden offers you several snackbars, takeaways and delivery options, all within 10 minutes walking distance (or a phone call away):
- Chinese restaurant Lan's Garden: this is literally around the corner (Stationsplein 2)
- Cafetaria 't Grillke: friture / snack bar (Wilhelminastraat 4)
- Cafetaria 't Stemke: friture / snack bar (Boomkensstraat 30)
- Ada Eijsden: friture, pizzeria, grill room (Kerkstraat 2)
- The closest McDonalds is 10 minutes by car: McDonalds Gronsveld.

Within a 10-minute walk you will find a complete shopping center that was newly built in the period 2013-2015 and opened in November 2015. You will find both supermarkets and other retail chains for your daily needs. In addition, you have many specialty stores and delicacies stores in this shopping center, both in food and non-food. There is also always sufficient outdoor parking space thanks to the many spacious free parking places available in the shopping center. Outside that shopping center, there are also independent stores to be found in Kerkstraat and Wilhelminastraat, among others.

When you walk out the door, you will see Wilhelminastraat and then Diepstraat. You will arrive in the picturesque streets of the old town of Eijsden, which winds its way along the Maas river and its neighboring nature reserve, the Eijsder Beemden. In the old town you will come across many monumental houses, buildings and churches when walking over the cobblestones. But also outside the old town, just behind our property, is a part of Eijsden called Caestert, where you can see beautiful monumental buildings, from old farms, grain mills to castles and (former) monasteries. The unique thing about Eijsden is that these picturesque streets and historic buildings blend seamlessly into beautiful nature almost everywhere. A nice anecdote is that we had guests from Florida who came here to visit Maastricht, Brussels and Antwerp, but then did not leave the Eijsden village. They praised what they called "the great walkability index" of Eijsden: everything you wish for a wonderful stay is within walking distance. Just outside Eijsden you can also visit beautiful villages and buildings. See the heading "Perfect base for day trips in South Limburg and the Euregio" below.

As described above, the picturesque streets of Eijsden lead to beautiful views and nature reserves on almost all sides. A must see is of course the view from the Bat in Eijsden, which is the street in the old town that winds directly along the Maas river. At one side you look at Maastricht and you see the Sint Pietersberg in the distance, at the other you look at Liège. Opposite you can see a mountain / rock area that reminds you of a small version of the Gorges d'Ardeche in France. Incidentally, that mountain is a well-known mountain for experienced cyclists, called the Hallembay. From the Bat you can walk down a set of stairs and walk straight into the Eijsder Beemden nature reserve where you can walk along the Maas river all the way to Maastricht. Along the way you will encounter blue herons, wild Koninck horses and the prehistoric Galloway cows. You can also take the bicycle and pedestrian ferry to Belgium here (in season).
The other side (the side of Eijsden Castle and Caestert) is a beautiful nature reserve through which the river the Voil winds its way. This area extends to the Belgian Voer region, which is also characterized by beautiful nature and villages breathing French atmospheres.
If you cross the track from our property and further on the bridge over the motorway A2, you walk to the Eijsden villages of Mesch and Withuis. These too are picturesque villages surrounded by beautiful nature.

Through the aforementioned nature reserves and villages, numerous beautiful cycling and walking routes can be cycled resp. walk. You can simply start the routes by walking outside from our property and you will be at the starting point of one of these routes within a few minutes. You can make them as long or short as you want. Characteristic of all these routes is that picturesque villages are interspersed with beautiful nature and the necessary occasions for a (Burgundian) stopover. For example, if you like special beers and / or local dishes prepared with those beers, you can go to one of the many (eating) cafés on these routes. But you will also find ice cream parlors and pancake restaurants. You will find many walking and cycling routes on Routeyou if you type Eijsden in the search box on Routeyou.
You can rent bicycles at Buitengoed de Moosjtum in Eijsden as well as at central station in Maastricht.

Eijsden offers several facilities for swimming, water sports, fitness and other activitities:
- De Treffer swimming pool: The Treffer public swimming pool is about a 10-minute walk from our property, with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. The outdoor swimming pool at Zwembad de Treffer offers fun for young and old. With a diving board, slide, bench and a fountain, the swimming pool De Treffer guarantees a day of water fun. On the large lawn, visitors can relax and children play in the sandpit or on the playground equipment. There is also a terrace. The indoor pool also has a pool for adults and children with at least one swimming degree (swimming competition pool) as well as a pool for the little ones without a swimming degree yet. You can find more information on the swimming pool De Treffer website.
- Funvalley and Ballorig: At 10 minutes by car or 15 minutes by bike, at Oosterweg 5 in Eijsden, you will find Funvally and Ballorig, a real great paradise for all activities you can imagine: swimming, water sports, climbing, paintball, escape room, survival to complete indoor playground. This is really ideal for the kids of all ages to play, if you really want to be active yourself or if the weather mainly requires water entertainment. Free parking! You can find more information on the websites of Funvally and Ballorig.
- If you want to stay fit during your holiday stay, you can of course, just like so many others in Eijsden, run outside on one of those beautiful routes you can run as soon as you step out your door.
- If you want more, you can visit one of the Eijsden gyms: Anytime Sports (Kerkstraat 4) or Sportdomein Eijsden (Joseph Partounstraat 8). The latter is a few minutes' walk from our property, the first about 10 minutes.

Eijsden is a true Burgundian village, you can tell by everything. Certainly in the spring, summer and after summer / fall you see the terraces are outside everywhere and the Eijsden poeple living in a Mediterrean way. The typical Eijsden events, such as the 3-day Bronk (usually falls in June) and the Diepstraat festivities (mostly in July) are special to experience.

The location of this property makes it the ideal base for all the beautiful, entertaining and active things that Maastricht, South Limburg and the Belgian and German border regions have to offer. The property is located across the smallest, most southern and most idyllic railway station of the Netherlands: Eijsden railway station. From this station you can easily reach Maastricht, Liege, Visé, Valkenburg and Aachen. Trains go every hour from early in the morning until late in the evening. That way you can avoid parking problems in the cities you visit and you are still very mobile. If you still want to go by car, no problem, because you can reach the motorway A2 within 3 minutes from our property. Once on this A2 motorway, you can also reach everything in no time. If you want to go straight into nature or imagine yourself in France, then you just have to walk out the door, as you can see on the many photos. If you are a bicycle enthusiast, you can indulge yourself here with one mountain after each other. Please read the Transport section below for all the railway connections and trip durations.

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We as owners live in the same village within a 10 minute walk. So if there are any questions or problems which need our personal attention, we can be on site quickly if we are home. You will find all the necessary information, manual and tips in an information map on the dining table. If you are interested, we can also be asked for additional explanation or tips about the environment, things to do, etc.
We as owners live in the same village within a 10 minute walk. So if there are any questions or problems which need our personal attention, we can be on site quickly if we are home…
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