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Pilih jenis penginapan anda

When guests book your place, they want to know what they’ll be getting. Choose the home type that best describes your place, and make sure to provide additional (and accurate) details.

Entire place

  • Guests will have the whole place to themselves, including a private entrance and no shared spaces.
  • An entire place usually includes a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen.
  • Do make sure to note if you’ll be on the property (for example, “Host occupies first floor of the home").

Private room

  • Guests will have their own private room for sleeping.
  • Other areas, such as a kitchen or living room, could be shared.
  • Do guests have their own bathroom? Note it in the description if they do—or don’t.

Shared room

  • Guests will be sleeping in a bedroom or a common area that could be shared with others.
  • It helps to note how many people they might be sharing with.

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