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    Safety is our priority, and we’re dedicated to helping to ensure that our community of hosts and guests have great experiences. That’s why we’ve made it easy for hosts to share information about common safety features and amenities.

    For guests, there are a number of safety factors you may want to consider to determine if a property is suitable for you. We ask hosts to add property and safety information to their listings, along with things like House Rules and any additional rules. Hosts are responsible for completing these sections and disclosing all relevant safety information, and where possible, adding helpful details about what to expect. Guests should review the full listing to find out about a listing and its safety features. They can also message hosts to request any additional information.

    For hosts, you should disclose safety features and provide detailed info specific to your listing. Examples might include: “The pool/hot tub has a gate or fence surrounding it,” “A security camera is located at the entrance of the building,” or “You’ll have to climb two flights of stairs to the entrance.” Even if you have safety information disclosed elsewhere on your listing, we also ask that you complete the safety disclosure sections. Adding this info helps make sure your listing is as complete as possible. This can help prevent surprises at check-in and help your guests have a better overall experience. Find out more about responsible hosting.

    We ask hosts to provide safety info in 3 categories:

    • Safety considerations: Describes the property and its surroundings.
    • Safety devices: Describes safety and security equipment at the listing.
    • Property info: Describes safety amenities or limitations at the listing.

    Safety considerations

    This category calls out features of the property and its surroundings.

    • Pool/hot tub: Guests will have direct access to a swimming pool or hot tub. The listing can also tell you whether or not these are gated or locked.
    • Nearby lake, river, or other body of water: Guests will have direct, unrestricted access to a body of water (ocean, pond, creek, etc) either on or near the property.
    • Climbing or play structure: Guests will have direct, unrestricted access to structures intended for climbing or playing on, such as a playset, swing, slide, or ropes.
    • Heights without rails or protection: Guests will have access to an area or structure higher than 1.4 meters/4.6 feet that doesn’t have a rail or other protection.
    • Potentially dangerous animals: Guests and their pets will be near possibly dangerous animals (horses, mountain lions, dogs that may growl or bite) that could cause harm because of their behavior and/or size.

      Safety devices

      This category outlines safety and security equipment that may be available at the listing.

      • Security camera/recording device: A security camera or recording device capable of recording or sending video, audio, or still images will be on the property in common areas. Hosts are required to inform guests of any cameras or devices on their property, even if they’re turned off - undisclosed recording devices are never permitted. Find out more about security cameras and our community’s Standards & Expectations.
      • Carbon monoxide detector: If this is included in the listing, it will be noted under Amenities. If it’s not included, there will be a warning, which may be accompanied by a statement that it's not needed. Find out more.
      • Smoke alarm: The listing will have devices that detect and warn of the presence of smoke and/or fire.

        Property info

        This section describes some property amenities at the listing.

        • Parking on property: Guests should be able to park at least one vehicle on the property.
        • Pet living on property: Guests may encounter pets during their stay.
        • Spaces will be shared: Guests should expect to share some spaces (kitchen, bathroom, patio, etc.) with other people during their stay. Find out more.
        • Stairs must be climbed: Guests will be expected to walk up and down stairs during their stay.
        • Potential for noise: There may be unavoidable noise during a stay, such as traffic, construction, or noise from nearby businesses.
        • Amenity limitations: Guests may not have access to all the things they expect to have when traveling, such as wifi, running water, and/or an indoor shower. Find out more.

        If safety information is not disclosed to guests

        Listings that are not updated with safety features will contain a warning to guests in the Things to Know section. This is another important reason to update these new sections, even if the information is disclosed elsewhere on the listing.

        • If the smoke alarm field is not completed, the listing will state “Smoke alarm not reported”.
        • If the carbon monoxide alarm field is not completed, the listing will state “Carbon monoxide alarm not reported”.
        • If any of the other safety considerations or safety devices fields above are not completed, the listing will state “Other safety features not reported”.
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