Kemudi ke hadapan untuk mengakses hasil yang dicadangkan

    Bagaimana caranya untuk mengedit nombor telefon pada akaun saya?

    To add or change a phone number on your account:

    1. Click or tap your profile icon and select Settings
    2. Click or tap Personal info
    3. Next to Phone number, select Edit
    4. From here, you can Edit a number, Add another phone number, or Remove a number if you have more than one listed
    5. When you’re done making changes, click Close

    Note: After a booking is accepted, all phone numbers on an account will be displayed to the other party, whether you're a guest or a host.

    Using your phone number to log in

    Once you have a phone number associated with an account, you'll have the option to log in to Airbnb using that phone number.

    However, if you have more than one phone number listed, or your phone number is shared across multiple accounts, you won’t be able to use a phone number to log into your account.

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