Kemudi ke hadapan untuk mengakses hasil yang dicadangkan

    Bolehkah saya menetapkan syarat-syarat untuk tetamu menyertai pengalaman saya?

    Yes. You can set requirements around:

    • Minimum age
    • Skill level (i.e. previous experience with the activity)
    • Special certifications (ex: SCUBA certification)
    • ID verification from the primary booker

    If you list your experience somewhere other than Airbnb (like your personal website), you can’t host both Airbnb and non-Airbnb guests at the same time.

    Note: Only individuals who are 18 or over can make reservations, but they’ll be able to book additional spots for guests that meet your minimum age requirement, if they’re the child’s legal guardian.

    Adakah anda mendapat bantuan yang anda perlukan?