Indigenous Mexican coffee exploration

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Apa yang akan anda lakukan

This expedition will provide a rare look into the coffee harvesting tradition of the Nahuatl (Aztec) community. First, we’ll explore the city of Puebla, eating lunch in a traditional restaurant. Then, in the mountains of Puebla, we’ll visit Nahuatl homes to see the coffee harvesting process and how their cooperative — comprised of over 70,000 members — is organized.

On the last day, we’ll pass through many coffee plantations on our hike in the jungle to reach a beautiful waterfall.
Setiap pengembaraan mematuhi garis panduan industri. Kami bekerjasama dengan Persatuan Perdagangan Perjalanan Pengembaraan (ATTA), peneraju pakar dalam perjalanan pengembaraan, untuk mentakrifkan amalan terbaik dan standard untuk keselamatan.

Apa yang termasuk

1 daripada 2 halaman
  • Penginapan
    2 malam dalam rumah
  • Makanan
    3 sarapan, 3 makan malam, 3 makan tengahari
  • Minuman
    Air, teh, jus, kopi, minuman ringan
  • Pengangkutan
    3 kereta kali naik

Itinerari anda

  • Hari 1

    Mexico City to Puebla
    Head from Mexico city to the city of Puebla where coffee cooperatives operate.
  • Hari 2

    People of Puebla
    Visit Nahuatl (Aztec) communities and see the coffee-harvesting process.
  • Hari 3

    Mountain exploration
    Hike through the jungle to a waterfall for a swim, then take a bus back to Mexico City.

Temui hos anda, Ricardo

Hos di Airbnb sejak 2016
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Everything started eight years ago while I was living in the mountains of Puebla with an indigenous community that produces coffee. Since then I haven’t surrendered in my journey of promoting one of the best products that our land offers to the world. I am now the founder and CEO of Borola Café and judge in national coffee competitions. I am very involved in the community, at some point I was appointed to be indigenous deputy and represent some of the people on civil issues. Now I have a NGO, that donates money to improve the coffee harvesting conditions in the region.
Everything started eight years ago while I was living in the mountains of Puebla with an indigenous community that produces coffee. Since then I haven’t surrendered in my journey of promoting one of the best products that our land offers to the world. I am now the founder and CEO of Borola Café and judge in national coffee competitions. I am very involved in the community, at some point I was appointed to be indigenous deputy and represent some of the people on civil issues. Now I have a NGO, t…
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2 ulasan

Disember 2019
This was my first Airbnb experience. And based on this I will do them everywhere I go - and back home. Ricardo is an unique person - exceptionally focused on ensuring that we each have the best experience - but much more than that we each made a new friend - over these three days we really got to know each other personally and had many wonderful conversations. We hope the beginning of a lifelong friendship. The experience itself was something that was very unique thanks to Ricardos personal connection and commitment to the community we visited. It was a very special opportunity to join him visiting his close friends/extended family. We had a rare opportunity to experience the daily lives of this rural community in the mountains. A once in a lifetime experience for sure.
Oktober 2019
This was easily one of the best vacations I have ever taken - don’t hesitate to book this adventure with Ricardo! A world-class traveling experience that you simply cannot recreate - 5 stars will not do it justice, so read on if you're interested: Where do I even begin? There is so much to say about this experience that I feel a simple review can barely do it justice. As much as I’d love to tell you every detail, I think anyone booking this adventure will, by nature, be somewhat bold. Knowing that, I’ll give you a brief summary of the experience below, but if you don’t feel like reading it all, let me just say this: don’t hesitate to book this adventure, because it is one of the most unforgettable journeys you will ever have with a person who not only cares about your experience, but offers an insider’s view and access into a community that most people in the world probably don’t even know exists. Do yourself a favor and book this trip. Now for the longer part: This is truly an “adventure” in every sense of the word - one that has been carefully planned to immerse you in a world and way of life that you must experience in order to fully appreciate. Coffee-lover or not, this is something that you will never be able to find replicated anywhere in the world with any other person. Your host, Ricardo, is one of the nicest and most passionate people you will meet. As two Americans, my girlfriend and I were placing our trust in Ricardo to be our guide into a world that was unfamiliar to us. He instantly made us feel comfortable, and he proved to be a knowledgeable, kind, generous, and community-focused leader for the entirety of our adventure. He is a highly qualified professional who has created an adventure whose value far exceeds the cost. And he’s a great person who I can truly say will be our friend for life! We started off by going straight from the airport to one of Ricardo’s coffee shops - Borola - in the Juarez neighborhood of Mexico City. (We flew in the night before the Adventure was scheduled to begin, which I highly recommend - find a cool Airbnb in Roma and you will have a charming evening!) His friendly staff got our coffee-tasting off to an exciting start, showcasing the extensive variety of coffees that are available in this part of the world. His business is reminiscent of many high-end coffee shops that you would find in any trendy neighborhood of cities across the world these days. We got to know Ricardo that evening, and he filled us in on some of the details of the itinerary. After a great evening getting acquainted while eating, drinking, and exploring the city, we enjoyed a pleasant night in our Airbnb (booked separately). The next day, we set off for Puebla - an incredibly vibrant city just a few hours drive East of Mexico City. We experienced some of the BEST mole you can imagine over lunch, walked around the center of the city, visited some museums, markets, and coffee shops (obviously), did a little shopping, and finished with another delicious dinner at a local restaurant. Ricardo knows the city well, and he made sure to arrange a lovely place to stay for the night. I believe that visiting museums is a crucial part of the adventure, as it gives you a context and history for the region and people that you are exploring. It was a busy and fulfilling day, and we slept like babies in our cozy room. The next day we set off for the town of Cuetzalan - a mountain town in the state of Puebla. I don’t want to give too much away about this experience, so I will just say that these 24 hours spent in Cuetzalan represent the heart and soul of this adventure. Ricardo is deeply connected with this Aztec community of Nahuatl and Totonac people, and because of his relationships, we were welcomed by everyone we met with the utmost warmth and kindness. We learned how their cooperative functions, how coffee and other crops are grown, harvested, and collected, and how this community is adapting to a changing world. We participated in local festivities, met many families, and tasted “true” Mexican food! We experienced a culture that hearkens back to its ancient roots. It was as if we were living in a different world for a short time, and the people could not have made us feel more welcome. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that you will also see some hidden treasures, both natural and man-made, that are little-known secrets of this community and region. Oh, and the hotel you will stay in is a gem - like the rest of this trip, it was a unique experience in and of itself. On a vacation like this, you are able to see the world from a different perspective. I decided to book the adventure through Airbnb because of Ricardo’s incredible reviews on his other experiences (take a look), and I can say that every expectation I had was exceeded. If you are looking at “Adventures,” you are obviously seeking something that you won’t get from a regular “vacation.” I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed here. The beauty of this trip for us was the adventurous spirit that it inspired in us - we travel in order to see the world from different perspectives, and this is one is truly special. Luckily for you, my girlfriend and I tried it out first, so we can vouch for this adventure! (haha) So let me put any worries you have to rest and say that we felt safe from the moment we stepped out of the airport until we landed back in California. Ricardo doesn’t just “happen” to be a great host; There is a...

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