Sketching Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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We'll sketch the afternoon at different beautiful spots of the city and talk about history and its deep relation with art and architecture. We'll share some basic concepts of drawing, perspective and representation while doing some sketching of our own.
Practicing sketching while travelling will give you a new way of embracing and remembering any place you visit from now on.

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    Sketchbooks, paint, ink , watercolour, pencils, brushes and everything you...

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I'm an architect and I've been teaching sketching and architectural history in Universidad de Buenos Aires for almost 10 years. I find sketching to be a great and fun way to discover a new city.
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We're gonna visit some of Buenos Aires's most iconic architecture: Plaza de Mayo, the founding site of the city, San Telmo, the oldest barrio (neighborhood) and Recoleta, where we will see both French style palaces as well as modern and contemporary works.

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November 2021
Martin was an engaging and knowledgeable guide for the architectural sketching experience. I learned a lot and had a great time during the session.
Disember 2019
Eu me senti à vontade e pude desfrutar da experiência mesmo sendo amador e com habilidades limitadas de desenho. Martin me encorajou a valorizar meu estilo de desenho e abriu portas para o uso de novas técnicas. Foi atencioso o tempo todo, muito paciente e nos forneceu todo o material necessário. Meu filho pequeno me acompanhou na experiência e também gostou muito. Gracias, Martin!
Disember 2019
Buenos Aires zeichnerisch zu entdecken ist wirklich etwas Besonderes. Wir hatten auch Glück mit dem Wochentag: Samstag hatten wir einen guten Blick auf die Straßen rund um den Obelisco ohne dass es überfüllt war. Martin hat mir hilfreiche Tipps in Sachen architektonisches Zeichnen gegeben - vielen herzlichen Dank nochmal!
November 2019
i have always wanted to try urban sketching- never really knowing where and how to start. there's only so many youtube videos you can watch 😜 and since sketching is a particularly offline activity- i was super happy to find martin's class being offered here. martin is a gentle, easygoing person and very flexible- my son got ill during our stay, and i had to postpone the tour- it was no problem at all! after we met and martin knew what i would like to learn, we picked a spot to start from and i got an introduction/ recap of perspective and how to break down complex structures .i was interested in drawing complex buildings- a perfect pitch for martin - he is an architect and knows his " tools" and techniques! martin is great at explaining and encouraging! we then challenged ourselves with drawing people and another busy street view. and the wonderful surprise: not only did martin bring the necessary supplies- he also meant for me to keep them! so don't hesitate, if you read this and are unsure whether this is the right class- you won't even need supplies! and you will go home with a lovely little leporello of sketches and some fresh ideas and supplies to continue drawing during your stay ❤ i loved it!
Ogos 2019
Martin has a welcoming and kind demeanor and is quite knowledgeable about art and architecture. Really fun to have a chance to go out and sketch with others!
Julai 2019
This was my second session with Martin during my visit to Buenos Aires. He is so knowledgeable and helpful and I'm sorry I will not be able to take more sessions with him!

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