Be a chocolate maker for a day

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90 minit, Dianjurkan dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Jerman
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Apa yang akan anda lakukan

Become a real chocolatier!

* Our chocolatier will present you seven steps of chocolate consumption (sight, hear crushing, touching, detect smell, texture, taste, aftertaste)

* You will make 3 unique chocolate bars in the total of 300 g which you can garnish with various decorations.
You will use Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine for making your Chocolate Bar.
We will not be making Chocolate as Product.
We will not be learning you how to temper chocolate at Home
We will give you advice on how to do it at Home.

* Together we will make the original “Xocolate” First Chocolate Dring, with tools and in the manner of accent Aztecs. After the workshop, you will receive the​​ official Chocolate Museum Vienna signed the​ certificate. In the end of your chocolate making experience,​ you can freely visit the interactive chocolate museum on 2000m2

We provide you with everything you need: cookware, ingredients & recipes. With assistance from start to end,​ you don't need any previous cooking experience to attend the chocolate workshop
Other things to note
From the U-Bahn station “Praterstern” it is only a 3 minute walk to Chocolate Museum Vienna. You can reach the station via lines U1 or U2. From there please follow the signage to the Prater.
Become a real chocolatier!

* Our chocolatier will present you seven steps of chocolate consumption (sight, hear crushing, touching, detect smell, texture, taste, aftertaste)

* You will make 3 unique chocolate bars in the total of 300 g which you can garnish with various decorations.
You will use Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine for making your Chocolate Bar.
We will not…

Apa yang termasuk

  • Makanan
    three Chocolate bars that you have made, and testing chocolate for theory
  • Minuman
    A drink
  • Peralatan
    Chocolate Equipment

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I m Director of the Chocolate Museum in Vienna and I have more than 13 years of experience in Cocoa and Chocolate industry.
I love Chocolate and the Cocoa world and to share my knowledge and discoveries about it.
Our knowledge and love for chocolate inspired us to create a unique museum focusing on arts and imagination and all things related to chocolate.
The workshop is held by me or Selma, who is skilled chocolatier with the best sense of humor​. Please call her Choco Princess.
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We will conduct our workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna.
This way you can visit our museum and have unforgettable experience in our workshop.

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September 2021
It was fun, but I was expecting a bit more of a journey from the first to the last steps of making chocolate. This was just the very last step
Ogos 2021
This experience was advertised as making chocolate. But the chocolate was already made. All you did was pour it into a boring mold. And on top of it you were assisted when you did so. Even the adult had someone holding their tray at the same time. It felt kindof insulting. Even if you asked to not be guided, you found an assistant hovering over you. I have to be honest. Even the Tung children seemed bored. I didn't learn anything about chocolate or chocolate making. It was a 30 min walk from outside the old town so I also wasted a lot of time getting back to the more interesting things. Really terrible. I was treated like a child. Didn't make any chocolate. And left with a $10 bar of poor quality chocolate.
Julai 2021
Selma (our chocolatier) was fantastic. She was enthusiastic and it made the experience better. Not sure if it was because of COVID or not but the museum and facility were really empty and run down. It felt like a tourist trap which is completely different from what the advertisement was. The workshop facility was very touristy-looking and perhaps a bit unkept, but Selma was charming and helpful.
Februari 2020
We had a nice afternoon making bars of chocolate. The workshop is focused on making the chocolate rather than learning about how its made, you can visit the museum to learn about chocolate (included in the workshop ticket). It was pretty easy to make, for sure I think I made the best bars all day, don't over do it by putting cinnamon in every bar ! Tip - When you make the hot chocolate put a lot of sugar in ! Overall it was a memorable and fun experience.
Februari 2020
We were looking forward to our chocolate making experience, having booked it a couple of weeks prior to travelling to Vienna. We arrived at the chocolate museum. We got our passes and made our way to the workshop. As we were a little early, we had a quick look around the museum. Many of the exhibits were worn out, not working or just completely missing, although we looked past this as we were only there for one thing - making chocolate! When starting the class, the guide asked what languages we spoke (as we were part of a big group). Me and my girlfriend were the only English speakers in the group, to which we received an unwelcoming sigh from the guide. The making experience essentially consists of you making three chocolate bars using already melted chocolate, and pouring it into a mould. You think take some toppings you’ve selected and add them to the bars, before refrigerating it. The only part of this you really get to be hands on is when pouring the chocolate into the mould. When it was our turn to do this, my girlfriend had her mould taken from her, and handed back full of chocolate, when everybody else got to get involved. This really made her feel most unwelcome, having just paid money for somebody else to make a chocolate bar for you. The unwelcoming attitude of the guide was also seen when she would help other guests and walk straight past us! I have never left a negative review on anything before, but feel very strongly about this, as it really put a downer on our day and was the worst part of our Vienna weekend break. Please don’t waste your money on this ‘experience’.
Februari 2020
Pretty great experience where you make chocolate (not from scratch, its pre mixed). You fill it into the casts and garnish it, afterwards you can mix your own hot chocolate. Also a great experience for children (which get to garnish their own chocolate)

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