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We go off the beaten tracks and experience the green lung around Bruges. We cycle trough the beautiful countryside of Bruges direction Damme. In Damme we explore the city with a historical walk trough the city. We climb the tower of Damme to have an excellent view on the area and end with a local beer on the beautiful market square of Damme. On our way back we cycle along the beautiful canal of Damme, cycle along the other side of Bruges and end at the railway station.

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Hi, I'm Xavier and I'lm a local since more than 20 years and I love my city. I'm also almost an official guide and I like to share my passion and knowledge with other people. My favorite spot in Bruges is Bruges countryside and I like to share my passion and knowledge about this beautiful area.

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Start @ the railway station. Then we pass: Lake of love - the four historical gates of Bruges - the green paths along the city - the private marina of Bruges - the windmills - living boats in Bruges - the country side of Bruges and it's beautiful nature - city centre of Damme - church of Damme- tower of Damme - canal along Damme - cycling paths around Bruges - Railway station

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Disember 2021
Xavier vertelt veel en dat is precies wat ik hoopte. Ik wilde de stad beter leren kennen en dat is gelukt
Ogos 2020
After struggling to locate Xavier (we were waiting at the entrance to the train station as we assumed he was bringing bikes for us, whereas he was waiting at the bike facility to the far left of the train station as you face it, but it is a bit hidden if you don't know where to look for it), we set off for our bike ride, having luckily dodged the rain. We cycled along the 'Green Lung', the path full of dog walkers, joggers and cyclists, that encircles Brugge, past the lake of Love and several Windmills before heading out towards Damme. It was a lovely start to the ride and gave us a real sense of what the locals get up to on a Sunday morning. Xavier was very knowledgeable about both Brugge and Damme, and I loved finding out about the swimming competition where amateurs and athletes alike swim up the apparently clean canal from Brugge to Damme, about 4.5/ 5km. It is information like that that makes a tour for me. I could have hired a bike myself and cycled the same route but you end up getting more local stories like that and the ones about the parties that Xavier goes to - he is obviously well-connected - or a local perspective on Covid. Damme was a pretty village and it was great to see another place if only for an hour or two, sit drinking a local beer, Brugse Zot AND as a road cyclist, see just how many groups of road cyclists there were cycling between the two!

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