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Apa yang akan anda lakukan

Once you get picked up from your location by a 4x4 car at 2 PM, one hour drive away from the city you will reach the glamorous red dune sands to begin your adventurous journey.
You will be then taken to private camel farm inside the desert where you can have a close meet and greet with wild camels at 3 PM.

After that we will go for a pit stop at 4 PM where you can rest in an air conditioned room while the car is being prepared for an extreme dune bashing, meanwhile you can rent a quad bike or a buggy during this time with additional charges.

The Safari starts around 5 PM and you will find yourself at the highest red dune sand you have ever seen where there is no any trace of human kind. If you are an adrenaline freak we can take the dune bashing to the next level by doing some unique stunts on the sand. we will stop on a dune for a sharp break and where you can enjoy the spectacular view from top of the hill and go for sand-boarding, the dune bashing will continue until the second stop with a good view where you can watch the sunset as it goes down.

Around 6:45 PM you will be then welcomed to the desert camp with Arabic coffee and dates whereas you can try wearing the traditional Arabic dresses.
BBQ dinner buffet will take place between two shows of belly & tanura dancing.
You will be dropped off to your desired location
Other things to note
Children under 5 years, pregnant women, anyone with back-pain, neck-pain, heart problems can only book this service 'Exclusively' in order to make sure of the safety and a smooth experience.
Once you get picked up from your location by a 4x4 car at 2 PM, one hour drive away from the city you will reach the glamorous red dune sands to begin your adventurous journey.
You will be then taken to private camel farm inside the desert where you can have a close meet and greet with wild camels at 3 PM.

After that we will go for a pit stop at 4 PM where you can rest in an air conditioned room while the car is being prepared for…

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Temui hos anda, Hamid

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Hi folks, this is Hamid and the desert has always been part of my life and for that reason I decided to show others what I was fortunate enough to experience at a young age. For over a decade I have spent days in Dubai deserts showing tourists a breathtaking dune bashing on red sand and I've mastered the skills to put on a great show and an unforgettable experience for anyone who's not afraid to try something new. I provide shared and exclusive safari tours to all desert lovers. Let me be part of the greatest memory you take away from Dubai.
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/ orang
$55 seorang
$55 seorang
$55 seorang
$55 seorang
$55 seorang
$55 seorang

Di mana anda akan berada

-Camel Farm
-Pit stop for resting and getting prepared for the desert
-Dune Bashing in the desert
-Sandboarding on the dune
-Sunset view on the dune
-Last stop will be at desert camp

Other free activities and entertainments at the desert camp: -Camel riding -Henna Painting for ladies -Smoking Shisha -Soft drinks and refreshments. Guests Can upgrade to VIP service at the desert camp with additional charges.

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Julai 2021
Начнём по порядку 🙂 1) встретили нас чуть раньше намеченного времени. Salman очень пунктуальный 👍🏼 2) поезда на Land Cruiser до первой точки была максимально комфортная. Кондиционер в авто, приятная музыка, вода в холодильнике в подлокотнике 😄 3) первая точка- катание по пустыне на квадрике или багги. Мы выбрали багги, не пожалели! Гашетку в пол, можно поснимать с селфи палки, удобно вдвоём тк у каждого своё сиденье 😁 4) катание на верблюдах там же - как и пишут все минута туда, минута обратно. Этого вполне достаточно для крутых фото/видео и верблюды не устают. Отдельный респект Salman за фото и видео. 5) далее было предложено пойти на верблюжью ферму, но мы отказались, те делать там нечего. Много верблюдов, почти все в клетках, после катания особого интереса не вызывает. 6) далее было катание/дрифт по дюнам - вот это отдельная история. Крузак невероятная машина, даже не верится как она плавает как корабль по воде. Но мастерство Salman это нечто. Нам повезло, если попадёте с ним в команду не пожалеете. Человек этим 15 дет занимается, как мы узнали. Сложно сказать сколько катались, но около 1,5 часов точно. Были 2 привала, делали фото плюс нас фоткал Salman. Ещё раз респект за фото ему. Одна фотка даже попала на из страничку в Инстаграм, а нам любезно были скинуты фото по airdrop. 7) был небольшой Пит стоп в магазине, помылись, сходили в туалет, можно купить традиционное арабское одеяние. 8) вторая точка - sandboard. Как катание на сноуборде только на песке. Запомните, доска не управляется, говорю как человек со стажем 6 лет катания на сноуборде, задача просто удержаться пока летишь вперёд. Все это происходит под закат. Впечатление незабываемое 9) 3 точка - ужин и шоу. Вкусно кормят, закуски, основные блюда и фрукты. Все это сопровождается традиционными даунами женщин, мужчин и файр шоу 10) ближе к 9 или около того вечера поездка обратно до места пребывания Огромное спасибо ребятам и Salman за отлично проведённые время 👍🏼
Jun 2021
This experience is amazing value for your money! The trip is exactly as described and much more! I recommend you to ask for Fida as your guide and driver. His driving skills at the desert bashing are unseen. If you like a bit of extreme and some good laughter you ask for Fida. Very open guide, with a dry sense of humour. He’s also a dedicated photographer. We had the best time with him! Would highly recommend!
Mei 2021
This was such a great highlight to my recent trip to Dubai. I've been many times but had yet to do a desert safari experience and it was definitely worth the hype. I think people also really make or break the trip and our driver, Sharaf, was amazing! He was so thoughtful, told great stories, and has literally one of the best laughs in the world. I highly recommend this experience!
April 2021
The whole experience was very nice, Fida was our guide and he did a great job, was super attentive and nice. We definitely recommend this.
April 2021
A great outdoor experience in the desert. Our tour guide was amazing and we had such a fun-filled day with dune bashing, Dune boarding, riding camels and dining in the sunset.
Mac 2021
I wanted to see a desert like this for a long time, now it happened and I am still ecstatic. The tour was very well organised, the operator was available and helpful the whole time before the event. The car was in neat condition. The driver, Jamal, was really talkative and informed about what's going on in the Emirates. I had a small socio-history lesson on the way there. The dune-bashing was an experience I will never forget. I chose to drive a buggy, it seems a bit pricey, but it's totally worth it! I also tried the sandboarding, which was a bucket list item for me. Dinner was nice, final finishing element of an action-packed day. Thank you guys again!

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