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Discover Dar Es Salaam history& Heritage
While walking around the city you will get chance to visit and learn about history of earliest buildings in Dar Es Salaam from 1860’s to present , arrangement of living Zones as depicted in a first master plan designed by Germans, visit the exact locations where historical buildings once stood and learn about their history, learn about evolution of street names and their history from the Sultan period to date, and get answers in all you need to know about the Swahili culture, clothing, traditional jewelry and much more. All these may take up to 3 hours to participate in every mentioned activity.
Explore the beautiful City of Dar -es salaam by pablo
1. At 10:00am we will meet at Ubungo plaza as our meeting point and take fast bus to KARIAKOO Market,you will first visit KARIAKOO Market one of the largest busiest indoor and outdoor local market in Dar es salam built since 1957 where people buy home cooking items,accessories,phones and many other can find anything at kariakoo. you will also learn a great history of the KARIAKOO market where slave trade took place at the area 2. You will visit Azania church the oldest first church in Dar since 1860 built by the German archtecture and learn the evolution of street names around the city. 3. You will visit the biggest fish market in Dar es salaam which is very close to Dar harbour and state house alongside Indian ocean.At the market you will see fishermen selling their fish and how they do fishing activities as their daily economic activity. 4. You will visit the beautiful Mwenge wood carving market and i will show you nice artistic work done by local wood carvers called Tingatinga .But also i will help negotiate for you the price incase you want to buy any art. will visit Swahili resturant in the streets of Dar es salaam and have a taste of swahili foods cooked with nice natural spices from Tanzania and sold at a very reasonable price. 6. Guests can book this experience any time they want and you can book my SAFARI TOUR PACKAGE 2 nights in Zanzibar.
Bongoyo Island adventure
Bongoyo Island ill include boat trip, swimming and forest tour. Meeting point and time Ramada resorts 9:00 am Breakfast time 9:00 am—9:30am Time of departure(Boat trip) 9:30am—10:15am Swimming 10:15—2:00pm Lunch time 2:00pm—3:45pm Swimming/boat trip/forest tour 3:45—6:00pm Departure time 6:00pm—6:45pm.
The City of Swahili
We will explore together this buzzing, raw, diversity filled city that echoes a lot of culture, energy and history of a kind. Kiswahili is the language. Swahili is the lifestyle. We will meet and mingle with it's people who are friendly, charming and optimistic! We will endeavour to grasp all that it has to offer. REVIEWS Annika · August, 2019 "We enjoyed the walking tour with Lydia so much. She asked what we were interested in and adapted the tour accordingly. We saw many different parts of town that we would not have visited otherwise. We always felt safe and cared for. The conversations were easy going and we learned a lot. You can really feel her enthusiasm and love for her city. Would definitely recommend". Nteo · August, 2019 "Our tour with Lydia was one of our highlights throughout our visit to Dar es salaam. She is so easy going and we warmed up to her immediately. We laughed a great deal. She loves and embraces her culture making the tour enjoyable overall. She is very friendly and connected us a lot with the locals. The tour is very engaged and informative. Be prepared for the walk of your life! Definitely recommending this to our friends." Jeff · August, 2019 "I can 100% recommend visiting Dar with Lydia. She is the real deal, a great tour guide, friendly, knowledgeable and and attentive. She speaks fluent English and knows Dar inisde-out". Other things to note You will be safe. We will walk a lot. The people are friendly. REVIEW Bernard · September, 2019 "Lydia knows her stuff, fun to be with and very fit as well..." Saqlain · April, 2019 "Excellent tour, The passion for her city and culture is quite visible. Great value for money"
Tanzanian Food and Storytelling Tour
What you'll do This is your invitation to an off-the-beaten-path tour through downtown Dar Town to discover its hidden African food gems— a window which allows you to explore our diverse Mother City from a unique perspective In roughly 3 hours, we showcase how food has the power to hold communities together as we guide you through Dar Town's unexplored and mysterious pan-African kitchens and restaurants. Let us take you on an adventurous culinary journey all the way from Tanzania up to Ghana, and the Horn of Africa, share insights about the incredibly diverse and complex traditions of Ghana food culture and the fragrant spices used in African countries. The tour includes about 5 stops in which we get to taste the best authentic African dishes and homemade beverages Dar Town has to offer. We visit and celebrate African entrepreneurs and their achievements who have managed to create unique spaces of unity despite harsh conditions in a rapidly gentrifying and sometimes uninviting enviroment. Share fresh sugar cane juice, steaming soft pap, floral cafe touba and much more, while listening to real-life stories of true community heroes. Pack an empty stomach and open mind! Other things to note This experience is hosted by Mariam.
Hike, connect with nature, self evaluation, fun
outdoor activity that will be done at VIKINDU FOREST few kilometers from Dar es Salaam City. the experience will be fun, memorable and enjoyable. it will be a hike of almost 3 hours 4- 5 kilometers hike, with nature experience, nature games, local food and more of evaluating ones personal life. it will get someone get connected to mother nature, feel the fresh air and the beautiful views of hills landscapes. it will help someone to know alot about local food, culture and ecology as well.
Dar es salaam farmers market tour & cooking class
Fantastic food market tour with Tanzania cooking class. You'll start the day at a local market Tandale in Dar es salaam for ingredients shopping, afterwards head to the spice and fruits area to learn about spices and various spices grown in Tanzania, then proceed to a cooking class with experienced local chef. Available for all dietary options i.e Vegans - vegetarians - gluten free etc.
Dar es salaam by Night
We can start the night at 9.30pm at a nice chill relaxed restaurant for a meal if you would prefer where you can have some of our famous tasty meat, there will be options of Nyama Choma and Mishakaki these are skewered meat(chicken/beef/goat)marinated in some spices and cooked in a hot bed of coal served with lime and hot chilli, seafood will also be available .For Vegetarians please inform early so I can plan ahead. Then we can head to the Masaki Strip,around 10 where we will first pass by one or two famous bars to start off our night, you will get a 2 drink coupon . And then by 12.30 we will be heading to the clubs, depending on the night some events might require entrance fee, that shall be covered. We shall party the night away with afro beats/hip hop/reggae/ pop music. And after the party I shall drop you to your final destination Other things to note Just have your GPS on it will help in maneuvering through different locations, and Uber also help. Also carry a phone charger and if possible have a fully charged power bank. And Don't walk around with your passport, just have a normal ID with you, also please carry enough money for food and drinks, as I only offer drink coupon of TZS 15,000
Night club in Dar
DAR NIGHT CLUB The night club in Dar will include visit of either SAMAKI SAMAKI MASAKI, TJ Sinza, Juliana mbezi beach, Kidimbi, KingD, aura, or La Chazi. This ill depend ith the concert available on that day. With this night life in Dar, the guest will experience drnking, live band, music and night club. Depending on the interest of the client, night life can be extended to maximum 1am. Itenary Meeting point at CBE Canteen 7:00pm Dinner time 7:00pm—7:15pm Departure time 7:15—8:00pm Night club party (drinks eg beer, wine, barbecue) 8:00pm—3:00am Departure time 3:00—3:45.
Charity Walking Tour
We offer an inspirational "off-the-beaten-track" experience of Dar Es Salaam, guided by Pablo who was raised in the streets of Dar es salaam City Centre. During a personal, one-on-one, 3-hours walking tour in Downtown, you will experience the city centre through our eyes. Get the real insights into the life of street children, way of life, get captivated by their life stories and ghetto-energy, learn from their street skills, ask all your questions, shop at local markets, bargain with your guides to pay a local price, eat street food, have coffee with locals, see street art among and last but not least become friends with them. Social Impact: By booking a Dar Es Salaam Local experience you give disadvantaged youth an opportunity to earn a regular income and inspire them as a role model. Other things to note Carry your passport copy and wear good shoes (no high heels) it's a walking tour!
Cooking Class In Swahilihood
We will meet up around 2pm , We will get a room to know each other while we are heading to Manzese Market. In our talking we will discuss and argue about the kind of Swahili food that our guest wish to eat and learn how to cook that food It will take us less than 30 Minutes to reach at Manzese Market (This is biggest local market) we will buy groceries and ingredients that are requered for our cooking lesson After being done with buying of food staffs at the Market we will be heading back home which is near by the Market ,there we will meet up with our cooker who is my aunt (Mama Bony) Mama Bony was the best cooker who works as a local food vendor at Manzese and she will assist us from preparing and cooking process We expect to finish to cook and eat within two hours from the start
Discover reality of Tanzania
The Tanzanian culture at your hand 1.We will visit local areas in which we will be able to practice local activities including cooking local food learn how coffee is this, made, 2. The other stop will be at a traditional shop to see different traditional medicines and to a khanga shop which is African print then from there, 3..We will go to a local market to see different activities also we will be able to visit a local movie theater in which in Tanzania we call (Kibanda Umiza). 4.Our last stop will be at a traditional dance in which you will see different cultural dance and if you want to dance your warmly welcome to join. With everybokking you do ,it will be able to contribute to climate action,and to education materials for children to the areas you visit.Through TanzanAfrica Tourism Growth an NGO that works to promote Tanzania Tourism while conserving the environment for poverty reduction. NB:You can also bring educational materials that you wish to bring to the children.#travelwithcause#sustainabletravel
Dar es Salaam by day
I live within the city of Dar es Salaam, there are a lot of different places to explore different activities, being performed by artisans, including Art Bazaar, Art Workshops, performing art. We shall start at the Mwenge Tinga Tinga, it has the best source of handmade Tanzanian art & Craft and guests can even buy there very own customized handmaid art or paintings for themselves and we can also move around and look at the famous VInyagos(Wood Carvers), From we will visit the Village Museum at Makumbusho, look at the traditional tribal houses fully furnished with local features surrounded by fields of crops. There will also be some local artists for visitors in form of cultural activities and tribal dances.Then we will move to the city center and explore some of the historical sites like askari monument, the state house,st. Joseph Cathedral,Azania Front.The we will finish our trip by visiting famous local market Kariakoo, and go see the famous Beda Amuli designed market, which is one of a great example of brutalist architecture and an example of sustainable design. Furthermore the visitors can do more shopping as it is the best place to go if you are hunting for best bargains and can even watch how people gather around the city to purchase the fresh fish catch of the day. Then will end our day by passing by Coco Beach and having some of their famous local Cassava. Other things to note Wear some hats and comfortable shoes.And bring a bag or purse to safely put your things
Tanzania history and Culture tour
We'll get to know the history of Tanzania. We'll get to know the culture of Tanzania people include visiting the homes of Tanzania people in Tanzania village museum We'll get to know the things that are found and discovered in Tanzania include history of Arabs and their architecture, history of first human discovered in Tanzania
Jambiani village women at work and play
You will meet the colourful women of the village, who will give you an insight into local traditional activities. You will be able to take amazing pictures of the women you meet and village life plus the chance to purchase products made by the women you have met all at very reasonable prices. Ameir, your tour guide, lives in Jambiani, speaks good English and has an excellent knowledge of his village and his culture. He loves sharing stories of Zanzibar and his home village. All the photos were taken on tour.
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